To him from her with love

To him from her with love

Perla Aurora


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ISBN-13: 9789180274715

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 10.11.2021

Språk: Engelska

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TO HIM FROM HER WITH LOVE is a collection of stories, poems and letters written from a female perspective through a lens of appreciation. It features men as partners, friends, workers, mentors, fathers and sons, sages and strangers and explores experiences ranging from the lighthearted and fun to the profound, deeply blissful and ecstatic feelings and darker and more difficult moments. The selection contains a range of writing styles and themes and pieces of varying formats and complexity. MAJOR THEMES: The timeless premises and promises of life and love´s power to transform and transcend. KEY WORDS: Joy, Infatuation, Courage, Masculinity, Desire, Sincerity, Wonder, Freedom, Touch, Connection, Risk, Playfulness, Adventure, Attraction, Regrets, Hope, Determination, Loss, Deceit, Forgiveness, Anger, Bliss, Quests, Belonging, Transcendence, Break ups, Starting over, Pain, Delight, Strength, Longing, Gratefulness, Grace, Heroes, Archetypes, New Zealand, Sweden. TO HIM FROM HER WITH LOVE is aimed at adults with its timeless themes and observations of life´s most meaningful and powerful experiences. The beautiful cover makes it suitable as a gift on any occasion. READERS ON TO HIM FROM HER WITH LOVE Some of the most beautiful words on love, loss and lust I ´have ever read, Powerful language intense, playful, poetic, My husband both laughed and got moved to tears and he is a blokey, stiff upper lip kind of guy who never cries, I didn´t know women could be so passionate about men, that they can love and appreciate us that much and in those ways, Pure treasure, Love it! - metaphysical pieces next to others about the raw physicality of desire, A book to come back to again and again, Stunning, Great read on the heavens and hells of relationships and other miraculous parts of existence
Perla Aurora

Perla Aurora

...not agreeing with the recent dominant narrative of blaming men for all ills while not giving them their due credit, I went in search for words that honour boys and men from a female perspective. Such sentiments seemed to be few and far between and this prompted the collation of some of my own writing, pieces that come from a place of a valuing men and masculinity.
The collection as a whole is a gesture, a small token of appreciation and acknowledgement of every man who in one way or another contributes to the lives of others by simply being what they are; men.
II chose the artwork for the cover of TO HIM FROM HER WITH LOVE deliberately. It is made by a friend of mine, who apart from being an outstanding sculptor and painter also is a great person who loves and adores women. The drawing, titled Sublime dreaming, can be seen as an illustration of how men can make women feel both dreamy and sublime and a lot of other things too, some of which I have captured in this collection. In a similar way, the words in this book may make some readers feel, if not dreamy, perhaps recognised, valued or loved, and the writing might also serve as a reminder of how wonderful, even though utterly frustrating and difficult at times, relationships and life itself can be.

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