The Odious Germans

The Odious Germans

120 years of German history rewritten

Einar Schlereth


272 sidor

ISBN-13: 9789175697307

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 17.07.2019

Språk: Engelska

Färg: Ja

85,99 kr

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I was 70 when I thought about this book and I started to collect material about the hate against Germany since WWI. I found much help in the monumental work of Docherty & Macgregor and the more I was digging the more lies I found. But then there are areas where you are forbidden to make any research. I lost courage but continued to collect documents, photos, videos. Finally, I overcame my cowardice especially through some friends who encouraged me. I took up the hottest questions like the Holocaust and the German guilt regarding WWI and WWII. The source for all the horror and the millions of deaths sprang up in a little room in London where a Jesuit-like Secret Society was founded. It grew and succeeded to win the wealthiest, mightiest and the most influential people at the time for their crime: to destroy Germany. The most important figures were Cecil Rhodes, Lord Esher, Natty Rothschild, Alfred Milner, the Queen, Winston Churchill, Lord Balfour, Llyod George. Later on, they won important persons from the USA with whom they manufactured WWII with the help of a criminal Austrian who made havoc not only in Germany but also all over Europe. And these were not heroic but disgusting and horrible times which I, as a little boy vividly remember.

29. Juni 2019
Einar Schlereth

Einar Schlereth

Information on the author

1937 born in Eastern Germany (today Poland). 1945 a 10-month flight to Franken. After a high school diploma, I studied English and Romance languages and literature in Hamburg and Freiburg/Bg. 1965 art director in a well-known Swiss gallery. 1966 I moved with my woman to Stockholm, where our daughter was born.
Socialist studies and first translations and articles. 1968 we returned to Germany. We settled in Frankfurt/M and I engaged me in the socialist student revolution. I wrote my first book "Indonesia: Analysis of a massacre" and continued with translations (English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Danish). Novels, bestsellers, Third World Literature. Wrote more books on Indonesia, China, Africa. 1971 we moved to Hamburg where I was working for 25 years for the German radio. 1979-81 we lived in Tanzania, where I wrote two books and radio programs. 1993 I lived in Andalusia where I wrote my memoirs.
1994 I bought a little house in Sweden where I definitely settled in 1997. I got 1998 the basic people's pension and became active as a peace activist. I maintain since 2011 my blog (with far more than 4000 articles and translations).

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