Psychological Unsafety from the trenches

Psychological Unsafety from the trenches

Or how to get fired but sleep well

Ove Holmberg

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ISBN-13: 9789180570985

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Utgivningsdatum: 15.06.2022

Språk: Engelska

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Ten years ago Psychological Safety (PS) was nothing I had heard of. Since then Googles Aristotle project and professor Amy Edmundson have put PS on the map and today everyone talks about it - but few walk the talk.

I am working as an Agile coach and as such I struggle a lot to make PS a natural part of the everyday work and not only a great word to use. I have implemented PS in several organizations and the success factor is to make HR take the ownership, and for them to make sure that leadership not only understands and desires it, but also implements it.
This book's objective is to tell the true stories of PS in companies operating in Sweden, a country with the best culture to grow PS in - to inspire you to walk the talk.
Ove Holmberg

Ove Holmberg

Ove Holmberg acts as an Agile coach acting from his own company Tvivla Consulting AB as mothership. Working with IT since 1980, development since 1990, project management since 2000 and Agile since 2002, Ove has a broad experience of this topic. From old international companies to startups. From sports to engineering. From the private to the public sector. Approximately 60 companies and organizations have created a great source for this book with an ambition to explain how PS works - or should we say not works - in the trenches.

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