Friends of the heart

Friends of the heart


Channeled childrens book

Lizzie Oxov Nielsen


8,7 MB


ISBN-13: 9789178510313

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 21.03.2019

Språk: Engelska

149,00 kr

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Jesus Christ wants through this book convey the truth about the entry of the Earth into the fifth dimension, and about how the Earth in the near future will become a spiritual planet. The people must raise their energy frequency so they can survive on earth, when this ascension takes place.

This book is called Friends Of The Heart - and that is exactly what this book will be, a real friend. It is a lovely book not only for children but also serves as an excellent wake-up call for adults.
Those children who are old enough to read it themselves can then tell their parents about it and discuss it in more depth with them. In so doing, the adults can then gain more insight in the same way children do so adeptly and naturally.
For younger children their parents can read the book to them aloud and explain what is happening not only in the book but also here on Earth.
Thank you Jesus
Lizzie Oxov Nielsen

Lizzie Oxov Nielsen

Lizzie has lived a quiet life. She stayed home to raise the children and look after the house and garden. She was also an artist. It wasnt until 2004 that she learned of her descent and great task. The time is now ripe for man to know this.
Lizzie was born in Denmark in 1937 and was 38 years old when the family moved to Sweden. Look at the website, where audio tapes come from three visits to Maria R. 2004, when Lizzie learned that she was Didarion and about her mission. On 26 Juni 2004, Lizzie received her first message from the spiritual world.

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