Finally Free from Fatigue!

Finally Free from Fatigue!

Formerly Ill Several Since Fifteen Years says...

Lena Holfve

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ISBN-13: 9789180275835

Förlag: Books on Demand

Utgivningsdatum: 09.08.2022

Språk: Engelska

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Are you constantly exhausted and anxious?
Have your symptoms increased in recent times?
Are you seeking a way to overcome them and return to the person you once were?

Chronic fatigue affects many people, but the symptoms can take many years to manifest themselves and cause you serious problems. Some people suffer for many years before they are diagnosed with the condition and try to carry on with their lives as normal. This is a mistake and can mean proper healing takes far longer as a result. Luckily, there is a solution that is at hand.

This book, Finally Free From Fatigue, has been written as a tool for healing fatigue and in particular for healing chronic fatigue syndrome, with chapters that examine:
The fear you experience when exhausted
Knowing that your condition can be cured
The causes of chronic fatigue syndrome
Signs you could be suffering from it
Eliminating brain fog
The importance of sleep for renewing energy
Detoxing your body
And lots more...

If you are struggling with brain fog and classic chronic fatigue, then it is time to act with Finally Free From Fatigue.
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Lena Holfve

Lena Holfve

Lena Holfve made her debut at Rabén & Sjögrens Bokförlag in 1984, and published a number of successful books, but changed careers in 1991 and began creating IT services.

Thirty years later, Holfve fell ill with what is known as fatigue syndrome, and was completely cured in Asia, and then took home the methods via the teaching database

The courses were also published in book form, and this book is the final, the report, and several completely restored, some who were ill for 15-20 years tell in the book how they got well.

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