Dynamic Management Strategy

Dynamic Management Strategy

Knut Fahlén

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This book, Dynamic Management Strategy, describes how to design and implement a dynamic management model that is adapted to a world experiencing constant and rapid change. The book is designed to serve as a guide based on practical examples taken from eight organizations that operate in a range of industries. The organizations have, each in its own way, developed management models fit for their specific purposes and adapted to their unique realities. The book is divided into four parts. Part 1 presents the case for change and describes how companies are in various ways trying to be resilient, agile, profitable, innovative, dynamic and sustainable. The case for change pinpoints problems of disruption and uncertainties facing businesses now and in the future. Problems with unmotivated employees are covered, as are dysfunctional behavior caused by a traditional management model with budgets and a command-and-control management approach.
Part 2 describes the principles and methods that underlie the management process, the objectives and activities surrounding the traditional management model, and ways in which they can become more dynamic. I cover goals, targets and metrics, forecasts and forward-looking analysis and explain how decision-making and resource allocation can be managed. Part 3 describes how to motivate, lead and empower an organization to act. It covers the principles and models that drive a modern organization as well as leadership and the means used to motivate employees to achieve strategic objectives. Part 4 describes a successful strategy and process for implementing a dynamic management model based on the six cornerstones. It offers advice about mistakes to avoid and summarizes the results enjoyed by successful companies that have left the traditional management for something else, something more dynamic. Finally, I summarize the main differences between the traditional management model and the dynamic management model.
Knut Fahlén

Knut Fahlén

Knut Fahlén work as a management consultant at Ekan Management. He earned his doctoral degree in business administration at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg. The doctoral thesis, which was accepted in 1998, explores how disturbances and uncertainties affect efficiency in manufacturing companies. In addition to work as a researcher and lecturer, he has worked in IT management, digitalization, health care, purchasing, procurement and sales, the development of financial strategies and pricing strategies, project management and change management in large, medium and small organizations, both private and publicly owned. Since 2010, he has been active as a lecturer and promotor of Beyond Budgeting and has closely followed the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable (BBRT) network, from where most of the examples in the book are drawn.

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