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Hop in Then!
Bolinder, Ulla
372 Sidor
ISBN 978-91-7569-502-0
SEK 110,00
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Hop in Then!

The year is 1964. Kicki and Eva-Lena are teenage girls in a university town in Sweden. They are students at the respectable community girls' school, where the pupils are expected to always be decent and well-behaved. Because of this, the two girls try to hide what they are up to on Saturday nights.

Hop in Then! is a kind of time capsule which depicts Sweden during the People's Home" period, its youth culture, the psychodynamic aspects of maladaptive behaviour, yet also the attractive sides of the cruising life style. It is also about friendship, yearning and hope - the vain hope that covers pain and keeps striving alive.

Ulla Bolinder

Ulla Bolinder is a Swedish author, born in Uppsala but today living in Knivsta, not far from Stockholm. She has been working at advertising agency, restaurant, hospital, archives and publishing house. Her first book was published in 1997. In her novels she often deals with social issues with emphasis on the individual.


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