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The Legendary Annu'rin VOL 1
Brüsin, Martin
192 Sidor
ISBN 978-91-7785-307-7
SEK 79,00
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The Legendary Annu'rin VOL 1

In the land of Nevanion, young Ethorenn has lived his whole life in a secluded village, feeling that he doesn't belong there. His father wants him to become the next village chief, but all Ethorenn wants is to explore the world.

One day, his world is turned upside down when orchs attack his village, burning it to the ground, and kidnap him. While escaping the orchs he frees a captured dragon and he soon finds himself accompanied by this young dragon, called Neväida.

With nothing left for him in the village, Ethorenn sets out on an adventure not knowing it will have great consequences not only for himself, but for all of Nevanion.

Martin Brüsin

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