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Healing the Astrologer´s World
Davidsson, Jacob
416 Sidor
ISBN 978-91-7699-756-7
SEK 120,99
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Healing the Astrologer´s World

For those who dare, this is a very different and challenging book on the subject of astrology that is not limited to merely your sun signs and all other astrological phenomena. Here you will also find interpretations of the future and of the human past as well as serious Child Horoscopes, Relationship Interpretations and a global view of the state of the world today. Many stories are in autobiographical form from the astrologer's own life and meetings with mediums and colleagues, as well as a deeper analysis of several taboo-affected areas, such as anxiety and life-crises, the influence of drugs, the significance of death, and our perception of God and Hell. In short, it is an extensive astrological analysis of life's many facets.

Jacob Davidsson

The author, born in 1956, has over 35 years of experience working with thousands of clients. For 30 years, he has held courses and lectures and has participated in both radio and television. He was born in but since 1984 has resided in . A Jack of all trades, he has carried out around thirty different jobs while simultaneously working as a consulting astrologer. Now the author has come out with his first of what will be a series of books dealing not only with the mythical subject of astrology, but also highlighting the crises of life we all must meet.

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