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Are texts wrongly written?
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ISBN 978-91-7699-844-1
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Are texts wrongly written?

This may be the first book in the world written and published using bigger spaces in the text. You will get the possibility to evaluate a new scientific idea. You will get the opportunity to answer if texts are wrongly written. That is the main idea of this book. Hence the title. At the same time we can study the will to truth. If scientists can wait to publish results you will be able to know before they do. I urge them to wait to publish their results a year after the release of this book to let everyone first build their own opinion. Then they can get ahead. I think that could strenghten the social capital. What do you think they should do? How should we manage our will to truth? Please give voice to your opinion after reading this book.


Information kommer senare då författaren önskar ge ut boken under pseudonym den första tiden. Det är viktigare att prata om textfenomenet än om författaren.

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